Saturday, 13 December 2014

The one where I decided to write a book.

So, upon careful deliberation, I have decided to write a book. Which may not be entirely as groundbreaking as I have thought, as I have been wanting to write a book since I knew how to read one and understood what an author was. 

But this is the first time that I have sat down and actually mapped out a basic story arc, decided on a goal to aim for and actually had a clear understanding in my head of where I'm going. I am also aware that what I produce will likely not be of a high standard, nor will it be applauded as a fine literary accomplishment, as I am still a novice. A beginner. A teenager. Yes, I highly doubt it will be a masterpiece, but I'm okay with that. Because if I manage to finish it, meet the goal I have been aiming for since I was just a little girl. If I write something that maintains a plot that doesn't meander off into unintelligible thoughts and presents characters which are actually relatable. If I create something decent. What it is, is a start and just that, I believe, should be enough for me.

Quite more than enough honestly.


  1. You're already ahead of me. I had this one idea and I wrote the best ever 500 words or so to start it off and it went seriously downhill from there. I think I'll delete those 1000 words as they don't even match the story I have planned in my head.

    Yours will be great based on your previous work, though - of course!

    1. Lol I know right? My issue has always been that I've had a very clear concept of the beginning with no real idea of where I'm going with it. Without a goal it kind of spirals doesn't it?

      Thanks for having faith in me x