Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Library of Fragrance: or The one where I found THE best perfumes ever!

You know that feeling you get when you find something, a concept, a product or a concept that you absolutely adore? That urge to tell everyone you come across of you findings and that hope that they'll be as excited about it as you? 

Well I don't know how you will feel about this my dear readers but I personally, believe I have found something more brilliant than even the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen. Something that I might love even more than the Hunger Games. That's right dear readers, I have discovered a perfume company that sells perfumes which smell like anything. Literally, just about anything

And it is called, a name I love almost as much as I love the company itself, The Library of Fragrance. A reference to books!

But more importantly, they have perfumes that smell like food. You can walk around smelling like apple pie or cookies, or caramel! Or even pizza. Pizza. For the love of God. Wouldn't that be incredible? And you'd be confusing everyone as they'd sniff you and confusedly ask you where the pie or the cookies or the dessert or the pizza is. To which you could just reply with an equally confused "What are talking about?" Leaving them wondering where the hell that smell is coming from. Which I think would be hilariously fun!

See look! (Points downwards with giddy excitement):

Then there are also ones like these, which are just superb and gah I want them all!

How you can smell like a moon beam or sunshine I have no clue but I want to try it! Also there's also Paperback, and wouldn't you just love to go around smelling like a book.

You of course may believe me to be a bit insane after that ramble but I assure you I am just slightly in love with this perfume brand. A fact that I just felt like sharing with you.

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

To Work in a Book Shop

So I wrote a short story I thought I might share with you. It's not brilliant and it was based on a picture-prompt (an image used to inspire ideas) of a shopping centre, which you can find here. It's actually about a girl who works in a book shop and finds it horrendously boring but does manage to have a bit of fun. Which is ironic because I would love to work in a book shop!

It's a very short piece because it is supposed to be flash fiction (this being, essentially, a fancy term for a really short story) and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Acrylic nails tapped out a rhythm in repeated clicks against the shiny surface of the checkout counter. Around her people shuffled through the shop, skimming their fingers over the spines of book after book and then occasionally pulling one off the shelf to inspect the blurb. In that way people do when they’re either having difficulty finding a novel or trying to appear sophisticated but indifferent at the same time. Idiots.

In the right corner, in the children’s section, a flaxen haired boy with dimpled cheeks clumsily thrust a picture book in his mother’s face with a hopeful yet demanding grin. She sighed a little but smiled weakly and placed it on top of the growing pile stacked in her arms. Then in the left corner a man wearing an ill fitted and not to mention god awful brown coat stroked a finger absentmindedly across the upside down cover of a book that she was pretty sure was an exposition on the many unknown uses of snake poison. Every now and then he would look up from the book and cautiously peer at the security camera on the ceiling a few feet away from the check out, then narrow his eyes and the return his attention to molesting the creepy book on snake venom.

She’d noticed him an hour ago but suspected he’d probably been there longer. Her gaze shifted to the phone on the desk and she tapped her fingers in three sharp beats. Despite the immense creepy vibes she was getting he seemed relatively harmless, so she supposed she’d wait another ten minutes. If he was still there then, she’d call security. Probably. But maybe that’d be overreacting. Biting her lip, she surreptitiously glanced up at him again and - Woah he's looking right at her! Best just call security now. He was clearly a rapist, or a serial killer, or a mass murder... or high. He looked like he might be high,

The distinct thump of a pile of books being dropped onto the counter quite rudely halted her train of thought and alerted her to what was probably her first actual customer since two o’clock. It was the tired looking mother and her vibrating son. He blinked wide eyes at her and then grinned toothily, excitedly pointing at the pile of books as if to say, “Look, look! I’m going to read about dinosaurs!

She couldn’t help the small smile tugging at her lips and sighed inwardly, pulling back her fingers from where they’d been inching toward the phone. Meeting she woman’s weary eyes, she attempted a look she hoped was somewhat sympathetic as she picked up the books one by one and asked, “Would you like a bag for these?

The rest of the day passed by much the same. She spent an awful lot of time staring longingly at the clock on the wall and the rest of it contemplating calling security. The guy left an hour after the dimpled kid did and she never ended up calling. But it wasn't totally boring. She did manage to have a nice conversation with a girl who seemed to consider Harry Potter to be the epitome of literary excellence and spent half an hour picking up books when a boy with wheeled shoes, she later found out were called Heelys, knocked over a stand while he was skidding around the store and stubbornly ignoring his father yelling after him.

The store steadily emptied and the day seemed to meld into a blur of sounds and colour, muted by the steady passage of time as she watched, in slight desperation, the minute hand tick its way around the clock face. At five o’clock her feet hurt from standing up for so long and she thought her legs might give way as she turned off the lights and rolled down the door. Then she was making her way out of the empty shop and down the escalator, passing by the few remaining shoppers and staff as she walked to the car park. All the while contemplating the reasoning behind why the hell she ever thought it'd be easy to work in a book shop. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

YouTube Channel: The one with the YouTube Art

I spent hours altering my YouTube Channel. I changed my YouTube name to TheresMusicInMyEars and spent ages scouring the internet for pictures and altering things using apps on my computer so as to create a better channel art. I like the end result sure but... I'm still not entirely sure why I did it. Or why I then did it with my blog, my Instagram profile and my FanFiction page. Hmm...

Perhaps I was bored? Well whatever the reason, it took a ridiculously long time for me to settle on this:

But I did, eventually, and I felt like sharing that.


I know I haven't explained the plot of my book but it's just occurred to me that the main character is a remarkable cross between Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle and the main character in the movie Struck by Lightning. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it either. But I suppose my familiarity with both characters will help me in the writing and general construction of mine. Or something.

Just... putting it out there.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Something of a Love Poem: The one where i decided to write a love poem... or something of the sort.

You frustrate me like nothing else,
But somehow draw a laugh,
You can make me scream like no one else,
But when you’re gone I feel like I’m missing half.
You poke fun at me all the time,
But there’s playfulness in your eyes,
You think my glasses are a crime,
But then you stay up with me to watch the starry skies.
It’s not right how you drive me up the wall,
And get a kick out of it too,
But then pick up the phone when I call,
And when I cry you ask what? Why? Who?
It’s not fair how beneath all the banter,
And aggravating ways,
You care about me like no other,
And somehow I know you’ll be there for me, always.
Because you drive me insane,
When you act so cavalier,
Then when I think there might be air in your brain,
You start acting sincere.
And the real kicker in all of this,
Is that while I might brush you off,
At night I wonder what it’d be like to kiss,
Instead of roll my eyes and scoff.
Because you are the cause of my madness,
But beneath all the grief,
You bring me the very opposite of sadness,
And you might love me just a bit,
And in spite of all the hair pulling,
And your constantly immature teasing,
Your presence is somewhat fulfilling,
Like without you there’s a piece of me missing.
I know it might seem odd to say,
Considering how I treat you,
But I couldn’t imagine not seeing you every day,
And maybe, quite possibly,

I might just love you too.

The one where I decided to write a book.

So, upon careful deliberation, I have decided to write a book. Which may not be entirely as groundbreaking as I have thought, as I have been wanting to write a book since I knew how to read one and understood what an author was. 

But this is the first time that I have sat down and actually mapped out a basic story arc, decided on a goal to aim for and actually had a clear understanding in my head of where I'm going. I am also aware that what I produce will likely not be of a high standard, nor will it be applauded as a fine literary accomplishment, as I am still a novice. A beginner. A teenager. Yes, I highly doubt it will be a masterpiece, but I'm okay with that. Because if I manage to finish it, meet the goal I have been aiming for since I was just a little girl. If I write something that maintains a plot that doesn't meander off into unintelligible thoughts and presents characters which are actually relatable. If I create something decent. What it is, is a start and just that, I believe, should be enough for me.

Quite more than enough honestly.