Saturday, 13 December 2014

Something of a Love Poem: The one where i decided to write a love poem... or something of the sort.

You frustrate me like nothing else,
But somehow draw a laugh,
You can make me scream like no one else,
But when you’re gone I feel like I’m missing half.
You poke fun at me all the time,
But there’s playfulness in your eyes,
You think my glasses are a crime,
But then you stay up with me to watch the starry skies.
It’s not right how you drive me up the wall,
And get a kick out of it too,
But then pick up the phone when I call,
And when I cry you ask what? Why? Who?
It’s not fair how beneath all the banter,
And aggravating ways,
You care about me like no other,
And somehow I know you’ll be there for me, always.
Because you drive me insane,
When you act so cavalier,
Then when I think there might be air in your brain,
You start acting sincere.
And the real kicker in all of this,
Is that while I might brush you off,
At night I wonder what it’d be like to kiss,
Instead of roll my eyes and scoff.
Because you are the cause of my madness,
But beneath all the grief,
You bring me the very opposite of sadness,
And you might love me just a bit,
And in spite of all the hair pulling,
And your constantly immature teasing,
Your presence is somewhat fulfilling,
Like without you there’s a piece of me missing.
I know it might seem odd to say,
Considering how I treat you,
But I couldn’t imagine not seeing you every day,
And maybe, quite possibly,

I might just love you too.


  1. Aww that is adorable!

    Urgh... did I just call a love poem adorable? Anyway it was really fantastic - the only love poem I've ever written included the word "fart".

    You really balanced the mushiness with the heartfelt... yeah. Its just perfect!

    1. Yeah, it's a bit sappy isn't it? Thanks for saying it was good, it means a lot ^-^