Monday, 22 June 2015

Online Window Shopping and Other Silly Things

A while ago I found a website called ModCloth. It's this website that you buy clothes on. Specifically, a website that women buy clothes on. And I've found that, should the urge strike me, I can spend hours browsing its pages and staring longingly at the dresses and pretty cardigans that I can never buy.

Now normally this would be a habit that I... well that I would keep to myself. But this time I think I cam across something worth sharing.

So there I am, comfy in my trackydacks and curled up under a blanket, in bed because I'd finished exams the day before and promptly planned to do nothing for the next three weeks. There I was, flicking through pictures of your average, run of the mill, pish posh dresses when I came across something magnificent. Truly, I adore this dress more than words can accurately describe. 

Because really, isn't it lovely?

It has pictures of space on it! Like Hubble Telescope pictures of space! I want it!

 I find it to be quite charming really. Just charming.

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