Sunday, 19 October 2014


Inevitability. The assumption that such an outcome was always foreseen, not a thing could have intervened. These roads on which we travel were always leading us here. Is that to say we have no control over our lives? Perhaps we all cling to our personifications and assertions and claims to the word 'unique' with such vigour because all outcomes are inevitable. Life lies and seduces us with fanciful things but truly has one plan for us to live out, and there's nothing we can do to change that. Or maybe, just maybe, the term is an excuse. A way of diverting fault from one's self by deeming the fates as reason for all happenings. All -- stumblings, road blockage and mishaps, every last issue or strenuous obstacle -- the fault of that which is out of our control. Perhaps in some cases that assertion holds truth. Undeniably in fact. But it cannot be deemed a satisfactory understanding for all things. Because the day we decide life isn't of our own fruitful design, is the day we stumble blindly and helplessly through crawling days of forgotten dreams. Perhaps we are relaxed, 'cause hey, we're finally stopped moving. But when we no longer care... is happiness even a possibility? For what worth is in life without happiness?

Admittedly, inevitability does exist. But more often than not, we use it as reason not to improve, a way to not be at fault and an excuse not to care. 

Too often do we not care.

Just my thoughts on Inevitability. 

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