Saturday, 6 September 2014


Writing is a peculiar means of communication. One can express emotion and meaning in as little as one word, or they can create a symphony with thousands. One may tell stories, send a message, educate, speculate, evaluate.

There are a thousand different uses in writing and regardless of which, what is formed by the individual person is unique entirely to them. No style is the same. Every writer conducts a different orchestra and composes a different song.

For me, writing is an outlet, an expression, an escape. A world to fall into when my own becomes too much to bear. A place to admit how I feel when my skin is stretched tight over my bones and my stomach clenches like a coiled spring. When I want to shout and cry and scream at the ground and the sky and the moon because why does this have to be so hard. When I can't show how I feel inside and it builds like a pressure until it hurts to breathe. Writing is release. A singular salvation from a tremulous world collapsing under the weight of peer pressure and expectations.

So, that's me. There.

And on a more cheerful note: Welcome to my Blog! The place where I will be talking about anything and everything, about politics, world problems, teenage drama, ridiculous things and sometimes stuff I just have to get off my chest.

Also: writing. Lots of writing. Songs and poems and short stories. Yeah.

Fair warning: Inconsistent posting and general ridiculousness. 


  1. I really liked this post. Peer pressure is the pits, right?
    I also have a blog with a similar purpose to yours. Fun!

    1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on this, I can't believe someone actually read it! No less that they'd be a fellow teenage resident of the Sunshine State ;)